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The Eight Extraordinary Channels work in combination with the Twelve Bilateral Meridians and their supporting Secondary Channels. Together they form both a communication and large regulating system for the entire physical body.

They have a number of important functions.

  • To regulate and strengthen the circulation of Chi (Energy) and Blood in the Twelve Regular Bilateral Meridians.
  • To act as Reservoirs for excess Chi and Blood.
  • To carry the Yuan Chi (the Pre-Heaven Chi we inherit at the moment of conception).
  • To regulate and balance the Yin and Yang primarily in the trunk and head at deep and superficial levels.
  • To work at cellular level (the Constitutional (DNA) level).
  • And many, many more ……

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Come and join us on the APEC courses to experience deep inner shifts and robust physical changes for both you and your clients. All 4 APEC courses recognized for 16 hours CPD by the Kinesiology Federation. APEC 1, 2 and 3 recognized for 16 hours CPE by the Australian Kinesiology Association.
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“Highly recommended course! If you are doing any type of kinesiology, this will really move your expertise into a new realm.”  Vera Peiffer KFRP