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APEC 2 Course Prospectus

This course continues the detailed exploration of the Eight Extraordinary Channels expanding the theory of their overall functions with a further nine protocols to access and utilize the energies of these Channels. Recognized by the UK Kinesiology Federation as 16 hours CPD and 16 hours CPE by the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Course Content

  • Detailed theory of the nine specific Functions of the Extraordinary Channels
  • An in depth exploration of the function of the Regular Twelve Bilateral Meridians and their underlying Connecting, Divergent and Muscle Channels
  • The Governing Vessel with Detailed Theory and Pathway, Master and Control Points, Diagram of Pathway and Functions of the individual Acu-Points
  • The Central Vessel with Detailed Theory and Pathway, Master and Control Points, Diagram of Pathway and Function of the individual Acu-Points
  • Review of the Theory, Functions and Pathway of The Penetrating Vessel
  • Review of the Theory, Functions and Pathway of The Girdle Vessel
  • Overview of the Divergent Channels
  • The Underlying Functions and Pathways of the Small Intestine, Heart, Bladder and Kidney Channels and their Secondary Channels
  • The Different Categories of Points
  • The Five Shen

Governing Vessel (Du Mai)
Protocols¬† (i) ‘Integrate the Functions of the Governing Vessel’, (ii) ‘Regulating the Functions of the Fire of the Gate of Life’

Central Vessel (Ren Mai)
Protocols¬†(i) ‘Integrate the Functions of the Central Vessel’, (ii) ‘Re-integrating the Chi of the Ren Mai’ and (iii) ‘Harmonizing Cellular Metabolism’

Penetrating Vessel (Chong Mai)
Protocols¬†(i) ‘Strengthening the Integrity of the Chi of the Penetrating Vessel’ and (ii) ‘Stimulate the Heart/Kidney Connection’

Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Du Mai
Protocol (i) ‘Integrate the Chi of the First Ancestries’

Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai)
Protocol (i) ‘Unlocking the Emotions’

Chong Mai, Ren Mai, Du Mai and Dai Mai
Protocol (i) ‘Re-establishing the Integrity of Kidney Divergent Channel’


APEC 2 helped me to consolidate and extend my learning from APEC 1. The terminologies for the Extraordinary Channels became ever more familiar to me during the course, which enabled me to continue to develop my understanding of the functions of the Channels and of the new protocols in this course. As I worked with fellow students to learn the new protocols, I became increasingly aware of the profound energetic levels at which these Channels work. As a practitioner, my own understanding and practice has been hugely enhanced by what I learned on APEC 2. Jill Stern, KFRP UK

Interested in joining this class?

APEC 1 a prerequisite for attending.

Contact Ann – extraordinarychannels@gmail.com


This course was recognized in 2011 by the Kinesiology Federation UK and the Kinesiology Association NZ and in 2013 by the Federation of Holistic Therapists UK as CPD.