APEC 3 Snapshots

The Lower Dantian is connected to the first level of the Wei Chi Field. This level of Protective Chi circulates outside the body, extending roughly one inch beyond the body’s tissues. As the Lower Dan Tian fills with Chi, the Wei Chi Field becomes thicker. The Chi of the Middle Dantian is the Zong Chiand one of its functions is to nourish the heart and lungs.  The Upper Dantian collects the Chi of Heaven and represents the spiritual aspect of man and his connection to the divine.

Exactly midway between the medial eyebrows lies one of acupuncture’s special points, MHN3, or Yintang. It is the front point of the Upper Dantian and in many cultures throughout the world believed to access the ‘third eye’.

When the Defensive Chi (Wei Chi) arrives in the eyes in the morning (changing from the Yin Stepping Vessels to the Yang Stepping Vessels) it forces the eyes open and we wake up. Similarly when the Defensive Chi moves away from the eyes at night (changing from the Yang Stepping Vessels to the Yin Stepping Vessels) the eyes become heavy and close and we drift off to sleep.