APEC 4 Snapshots

In the Chinese tradition ‘the Sage faces the South’ and thus the light and warmth of the sun fall on the front of the body in the Northern Hemisphere. The Yang Ming Channels, on the anterior of the limbs, receive the full intensity of the sun, as does the abdominal and chest portion of the foot Yang Ming Stomach Channel, the only Yang Channel to run along the front of the body.  Yang Ming (Yang Brightness) is considered to be particularly replete with Yang Chi.

The Eight Extraordinary Channels form a vortex of energy at the centre of the embryo’s body from the area between what will become the kidneys. At the centre of the vortex are the Taiji Pole, the Three Dantians and the Penetrating Vessel. From the Penetrating Vessel the Sea of Five Yin and Six Yang Organs, the Sea of the Twelve Primary Channels and the Sea of Blood are formed. From the Taiji Pole, the Fetus’s Lower Dantian and the Penetrating Vessel the body’s Chi and Blood are distributed thus allowing the physical growth of the embryo’s physical form.

After the initial cell division is complete all the Yang and Yin Energy Channels flow from the Taiji Pole and Penetrating Vessel. The Yang Energy Channels flow from the Governing Vessel (Du Mai:–Sea of Yang Chi) to form the Yang Stepping Vessels (Qiao Mai), the Yang Linking Vessels (Yang Wei Mai), the Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai) and the Bladder, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine, Stomach and Small Intestine Energy Channels and concurrently, the Yin Energy Channels flow from the Central Vessel (Ren Mai: Sea of Yin Chi) the Yin Stepping Vessels (Qiao Mai), the Yin Linking Vessels (Yang Wei Mai), the Liver, Kidney, Lung, Spleen, Circulation Sex and Heart Energy Channels.

The mother’s Chi and Blood control the amount of Essence (Jing) and Spirit (Shen)  in the fetus’s Extraordinary Vessels, Meridian Channels and their Collaterals. The purifying action of the mother’s Chi and Jin Ye transforms into Heat causing the Yang Chi to arouse the Hun (Three Ethereal Souls) from Heaven and the Po (Seven Corporeal Souls) from Earth and so provide the energy for them to be established within the fetus’s internal organs: the liver and the lungs.

If our energy isn’t grounded our emotions are in a constant state of flux and the emotions have no avenue of escape. This means our emotions, and particularly fear, keep recirculating. If our Wei Chi Field is weak we can take on other people’s emotions causing us further confusion and maybe even identifying with emotions that are not ours.