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The Eight Extraordinary Channels (Qi Jing Ba Mai) are also known as the Strange Flows, the Eight Ancestral Meridians, the Eight Marvellous Ones, The Ancestral Meridians, the Extraordinary Conduits, the Eight Curious Vessels and the Eight Irregular Vessels. At the moment of conception an energetic vortex is created to draw the energy of both Heaven and Earth into the fetus’s body. From this energetic vortex the Eight Extraordinary Channels are the first energy flows to form. The Eight Extraordinary Channels affect the body on the deepest level of our basic constitutional energy, the Essence (Jing) or Genetic Level (DNA).

The courses Accessing the Power of the Extraordinary Channels (APEC)
will give you an understanding of the functions and flows of the many underlying energy channels that support the Main Bilateral Meridians.
The APEC courses will cover the overall functions and both internal and external pathways of:

  • The Extraordinary Channels
  • The Regular Bilateral Meridians and their corresponding Connecting, Divergent and Muscle Channels
  • Provide a number of protocols to access and utilize the energies of the Channels