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APEC 1 Course Prospectus

This course introduces all the Energy Flows and explores the theory of their overall functions and nine protocols to access and utilize the energies of these Channels. Recognized by the UK Kinesiology Federation for 16 hours CPD and 16 hours CPE by the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Course Content

  • A general overview of the function of the Eight Extraordinary Channels, the Regular Twelve Bilateral Meridians and their underlying Connecting, Divergent and Muscle Channels
  • The Extraordinary Channels’ Pairings
  • Congenital Chi and Acquired Chi
  • Vital Functions of Chi
  • Types of Chi and their Functions
  • The Energy Blue Print
  • The Horary Cycle and its relation to the Extraordinary Channels
  • Kidney Essence and its relationship to Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang
  • Preliminaries and procedures for setting up the Vibrational Patterns

For each of the six individual Extraordinary Channels below –

  • Detailed Theory of their Specific Functions
  • Pathway and Diagram Master and Control Points
  • For each new protocol an easy to follow accompanying Illustrated Special Points Table

The Penetrating Vessel – (Chong Mai)

Protocols: (i) ‘Breaking the Inter-Generational Imprinting’ (ii) ‘Harmonizing Rebellious Chi’ and (iii) ‘Manifesting Nourishment’

The Girdle Vessel – (Dai Mai)

Protocols: (i) ‘Regulating the Girdle’ and (ii) ‘Balancing the Energy of the Auric Field’

The Yang Linking Vessel – (Yang Wei Mai)

Protocol: “Regulating the Chi for Yang Linking Meridians’

The Yin Linking Vessel – (Yin Wei Mai)

Protocol: ‘Regulating the Chi for Yin Linking Meridians’

The Yang Stepping Vessel – (Yang Qiao Mai)

Protocol: ‘Regulating the Chi for Yang Stepping Meridians’

The Yin Stepping Vessel – (Yin Qiao Mai)

Protocol: ‘Regulating the Chi for Yin Stepping Meridians’

“The APEC 1 protocols I experienced as part of the learning on this course tapped in to my energy system at a very profound level and have resulted in a remarkable personal healing process. On the morning of day two of the course, I woke at 4 am with Kidney1 points buzzing on my feet! The previous day I had been covered in infected Blandford Fly bites – they had all healed overnight. More significantly, I was able to stretch without pain, something I had been unable to do for decades, due to chronic health problems. Two years on, I have maintained good muscle tone. My body no longer goes into muscle spasms when I am tired, and my physical stamina has improved significantly.” Jill Stern, KFRP UK

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This course was recognized in 2011 by the Kinesiology Federation UK and the Kinesiology Association NZ and in 2013 by the Federation of Holistic Therapists UK as CPD.