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“Over the years of having HK kinesiology treatment Sandie Lovell has successfully balanced my overactive thyroid gland so that I am healthy and well and free from any medication. She has also helped me through many life changes with skill and compassion. I am now 36 years old and have always wanted to have a family. I had two early miscarriages 3 years ago and in winter 2011 received a diagnosis of low to undetectable anti mullerian hormone – meaning that I had very low ovarian reserve and the strong likelihood that I would have an early menopause. I was 35 and single so this was a huge blow. I was given less than 10% chance of being able to conceive naturally and told that both IVF and egg freezing would not be an option due to the low amount of eggs I had remaining.

In summer 2012 Sandie worked on me with the APEC protocol and detected strong blockages in my pelvic girdle. The effect of the protocol was instant and there was a huge energy shift which felt both physical and emotional. I felt that I cleared the grief of the previous miscarriages and also realigned my meridians so that the energy is now running smoothly through that area. I understand now why they are called Extraordinary Channels because six months later I became pregnant with my new partner without trying and the pregnancy is healthy and viable. I am now in my 15th week and all is well! I have no doubt that APEC provides an incredible tool in the box for experienced kinesiology practitioners. It would take your practice to a whole new level and provides extraordinary results ‘refreshing the parts that other procedures cannot reach’.
I am forever indebted to Sandie and Ann for their pioneering work and their loving guidance.”

Alison C. Derbyshire (Client requested name changed to protect her identity)

“Following pancreatic surgery in 2009 which necessitated removal of part of my pancreas, most of my stomach, my duodenum and gall bladder I was left with a scar under my ribcage that reaches right across my body, I experienced pain and a feeling of tightness from my pelvic girdle up to chest on a daily basis. This meant that my general movement and ability to walk had been severely restricted. I woke every day feeling as though I had a steel band around my middle and then during the day my body became more and more sore so I was able to do very little.

Ann Parker came to visit me in July 2011 and gave me a kinesiology treatment that included some of the new energy work Ann and Sandie were doing and teaching. Ann’s comment was, “The Accessing the Power of the Extraordinary Channel’s protocol I did for you was the Dai Mai: Regulating the Girdle which regulates the energy of the Girdle Channel the only one of all the acupuncture flows which moves horizontally up and down the body holding us all together to the correct tension. Your Girdle was too tight hence the restricted sensations you were experiencing.”

Since she worked on me my pain levels have gone down to a bearable level. I became gradually more mobile and my energy levels have improved enormously. After first hand experience of the power of this work I feel I must recommend Ann’s courses when she comes back to England. Don’t miss out as the protocols from Accessing the Power of the Extraordinary Channels work so well with the other kinesiology modalities and will I feel sure will make a huge difference for so many of your clients.”
Veronica Darby, retired HK practitioner Devon UK

“Following APEC 1 I couldn’t wait to to tell you I had experienced an immediate benefit in that my eyes were much clearer and unaffected by the sun’s glare on the drive home. I remember that you said healing would be a gradual process too and am pleased to report that one year on and they still feel brighter and do not get heavy when driving, which was a worrying hazard before. They also open more easily in the mornings although I still have occasional days when I’m unable to physically open them on waking, but this no longer causes me to panic. Maybe APEC 2 will help with this! Looking forward very much to the next course.”.
Fiona Fallon KFRP HK Professional Practitioner UK

“Attending Ann’s APEC2 course left me with a release of the 20 year spasm in my lower back. From near constant pain, stiffness and depression, I am now able to move and walk with lightness and more fluidity. My spine is flatter, my hips are much freer and my state of mind is confidence, positive and enthusiastic again. Thank you, what a wonderful lift it has been.”
Elizabeth Stapleton KFRP HK Professional Practitioner UK